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Since 2000, SRT Group has been successfully operating in the field of distribution within the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Striving for active development, automation of processes and investments in the creation of its own infrastructure provided the Company with the flexibility of business processes, while maintaining a high level of financial stability. Efficiency and transparency in relations with partners allow us to achieve high joint results - to maintain a leading position in the market for 20 years.
SRT Group provides a full range of services for the distribution of food products, household chemicals, body care products, personal care products and cosmetics for all sales channels.

ATTACH Commercial proposal

We are always open for long-term partnerships on mutually beneficial terms and are ready to consider various options for cooperation.

Why us

Sales and distribution department

Professional employees carry out through all sales channels, while we take into account the individual characteristics of the sales of each partner and build a flexible and most effective structure


Our own fleet of vehicles of various carrying capacity allows You to quickly and reliably deliver goods to both small retail outlets and wholesale customers and supermarkets.

Marketing and analytics

Regular analysis of product categories, as well as the effectiveness of marketing programs, allows You to maintain the expert level of employees. The launch of promotional events allows You to maintain a leading position among competitors


More than 12 thousand square meters of storage facilities, each of which has access railway lines. This allows us to store a sufficient volume of goods and not experience difficulties with deliveries.

SRT Academy

Various trainings and events are constantly held for employees to improve their qualifications. Festive and corporate events that increase team cohesion have become traditional. Top managers of our company pay special attention to each employee, realizing that a high professional level and enthusiasm in work is the key to the success of "SRT Group".

«Automation of business process management»

To optimize the work, our company uses systems for modeling and optimizing the execution of business processes. Today, we are actively using programs such as: Power BI, Ispring Learn, Optimum, 1C ERP - is being implemented during 2021.

«Financial management»

Modernization of the financial department and the use of an automated system provides the company with modern and correct calculations when interacting with the state, partners and employees.

Online Store
The online store with the products of our company is available to any consumer and provides an additional resource for selling the entire range of SRT Group