The distribution company Silk Route Trading in Mongolia was founded in 2013.

The reputation of a reliable, responsible and experienced partner, always fulfilling its obligations, has made it possible to build strong relationships with most of the world's leading manufacturers - in the company's portfolio there are 17 world famous brands.

The efficiency of the company is ensured, first of all, by the main resource - employees, the total number of which is over 260 people.

Modern office premises are 800 m2. Warehouses meet the highest standards, provide the best conditions for storing goods. The total area of warehouses is 4500 m2.

Having excellent knowledge of the regional market, a team of highly qualified specialists, well-functioning trade and logistics business processes, we are always ready to discuss proposals for cooperation and partnership.

800 m2 total area
office space
4500 m2 total warehouse area
260 employees

Our branches
in Mongolia

Main office
ADdress Mongolia, Ulan Bator, Chingis Avenue - 73, Khan Uul District, 20th Horoo. phone number +976 7712-1872, +976 8008-7324 email
South Gobi region,
Dalanzadgad Somon, 3rd Bag, Center Khan
+976 8805-8299
Dornod region,
Kherlen Somon, center point
+976 8804-9476
Khovd region,
Jargalant Somon, Buyant Bag, Khas №1-3
+976 8803-7885
Grood Darkhan,
10th bag, building of LLC "Darkhan Security"
+976 8804-7384
Orkhon region,
Bayan-Undur Somon, Dornochimeg Village Center, № 201
+976 8810-2562
Bayan-Ulgii region,
Olgii Somon, 5th bag, Koshelik
+976 8039-4901
Dornogobi region,
Sainshand Somon, 3rd bag, Soyombo complex, № 205
+976 8807-3982